Thanks to everyone who came to the Windows Phone Unleashed event in Portland.  It was a super great time.  It was great to see devices, and it was even better to run apps on them :)

First of all, if you missed the Portland event, we have upcoming events in several cities around the Northwest:

  • Bellevue – October 7th, 2010
  • Seattle (downtown) – October 14th 2010
  • Boise – October 25th, 2010
  • Register now as seating is limited.  Portland sold out, and I would expect others will, too.

    What did the day look like?

    It was a giveaway of a seat on the Silverlight Tour course.

    It was sessions on sensors, navigation, web services, push notifications, launchers and choosers, etc.

    It was a Hands On Lab where everyone got to build a real Windows Phone 7 application.

    But best of all, it was an app building contest.  We worked really hard so everyone could have a chance to deploy their apps to an actual device.  The apps that were created were pretty amazing.  And some of them are pretty nearly ready for the app store… It was a jaw dropping contest.

    1st Place – Dawg application.  This application was created by an individaual with 0 previous .Net experience!  It allows a user to interact with Craigslist and had *tons* of features.

    2nd Place – Zoo Pals.  This app is a great idea.  I hope it makes it into the app store err Marketplace.  Your kids get to take picture of zoo animals and put them over cartoony animal pictures.

    3rd Place – Am I too Drunk? This app uses accelerometers to determine if a user is too drunk to accomplish certain tasks.  Great idea :)

    Honorable Mentions

    My piggy bank.  I missed the action shot on this app, but it’s another one for kids!  It keeps track of piggy bank totals to avoid kid fights.

    My baby. Info about pregnancy (what happens in the 2nd trimester and… that kind of stuff).


    Apple Killer.  Get it?? The WP7 devices are “killing” Apple?  Well, not quite yet ;)   It’s an XNA arcade app.  Again, I missed the action shot :(

    Caddie Mate.  Who needs a caddie with this application?  Well except to carry  stuff.

    Color Shaker. Shake the color out of pictures.  Another one that’s great for kids.

    Twitterly.  What hackathon would be complete without Twitter?  This app (among other things) shows tweets that happen in close proximity.  The Tweet is coming from inside the house!

    Thanks to everyone who came!  It was a super day.


    Special thanks to our amazing sponsors!

    • Agilitrain
    • Silver Bay Labs
    • Silvertail Software
    • Wirestone
    • Microsoft