The Bellevue Unleashed event was great.  It was our biggest yet!  The day looked like our other events (lecture and hands-on-labs followed by an application contest).  At this event though, David Kelley was able to join us to talk about Blend and Ux design.  Those two facets are soo important to apps that will sell well.

We only have one more event that isn’t sold out – Boise on October 25th.  See:


 The contest was the most exciting part of the day, and we had some great entries.

1st place - I’m loving WP7.  A pandering name perhaps, but what a game.  It looked super hard.  And super fun.  And used the accelerometers!

2nd place – Powerpoint Remote.  Pretty much exactly what it says.  Imagine controller powerpoint from Windows Phone 7.  A favorite in the Apple store and will be in the Windows Phone Marketplace (we hope).

3rd Place – Lockdown. Run this app.  Put the phone in your glove box.  Bam.  Lojack.

Honorable Mentions

 Apartment Finder – Bring in all kinds of nifty info to help find an apartment

Bosstinator – Estimates projects for your boss.

Druminator – Super great looking drum machine.  If only it didn’t have a fatal flaw at demo time :)

Episode Finder – What’s that episode where Jane is a hero on that mud planet?  Oh, it’s called Jane’s World!!!

Megamillions – Ever want to win a million bucks?  This app will tell you the right number to play in the lottery.  Well worth any price they decide to charge for it.

Nimby – Search Zillow for home price index.  Get out of bad neighborhoods fast! :)

Thanks to everyone who came! I think everyone had a great time.


Special thanks to our amazing sponsors!

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