One of the hardest things to understand about Prism is when to use it.  When does it make sense?  When doesn’t it make sense?  This show: When to Use Prism.

This show was taped on location in Microsoft building 5 with Patterns & Practices team members Bob Brumfield and David Hill. Also joining us was Shawn Wildermuth.

We talk about:

  • What projects don’t need Prism
  • Prism as a buffet of optional components
  • Prism when teams are physically dispersed
  • Comparing Prism to CAB
  • Shawn’s juicy bits of Prism in Silverlight: Optimizing .xap and asset loading across the wire

To see how to use Prism, see our hyper-video all about Silverlight Prism and how to create a new Prism project.


Music kindly provided by YACHT

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