Silverlight Backup Plan
What if you have to ship an application immediately, but you need Silverlight-like features?  Is there an option?  Billy explains how XBAP might be a viable alternative in this week’s show.  Here are some of the topics we discuss:

Interaction Design

– It is so critical in Silverlight, but how do you get started?  Can anyone do it?  Billy helps us out with these questions.

XBAP in place of Silverlight

– Sometimes Silverlight isn’t a viable alternative (after all it’s in Beta).  There is a trick, though, that you can use: deploy as an XBAP application initially and then (when Silverlight 2 is released) role that code into Silverlight.  However, it is a tricky process.  Billy’s doing it in his consulting business, and he tells us some of the things to consider.

Billy’s upcoming WPF book

– Billy tells us about his book and how it’s different than the other books that are out there.


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