In this mini-episode, Erik covers some of the exciting news coming out of PDC 2008! You won’t want to miss it.

1) Control toolkit released
2) Silverlight tools RTW
3) Silverlight goes Mobile

 Also (he forgot to mention…) that Silverlight will be hosted outside of the browser!

Useful links:
Control toolkit:
Silverlight tools:

UPDATE: Since the recording of this show, we received more information on Silverlight for Mobile. The Public CTP is expected to be available Q1 2009. The great news? You won’t have to change your code at all.  For an on-the-scenes write-up, see Chris Hayuk’s blog:

Music for the show:
Lido In The Morning by General Fuzz from the album Messys Place
Sidetrack  by Lisa DeBenedictis from the album Fruitless