What’s new in Silverlight This Week in Silverlight

Recorded July 2, 2010


  • Introducing IIS Express
    • Works in medium trust
    • Runs cool modules including URL Rewriter, Dynamic Compression, Advanced Logging, etc.
    • Beta shortly
  • Tips and tricks with the WPF/Silverlight designer in VS2010 by Karl Shifflett.
  • Building a WP7 Newsreader App.
  • Congrats to newly minted Silverlight MVP Jeremy Likeness.  His blog and other info is great.
  • Koen ships document toolkit 2 beta 2.  It has *experimental* support for displaying pdfs in Silverlight.
  • NBC coverage of Wimbledon is powered by Silverlight.
  • 3d streaming and silverlight.
  • Congrats to the new Silverlight MVPs.
  • Object oriented db for Silverlight and WP7. (Jeremy Likeness makes another appearance!)


The Kin phones are dead

Erik wonders how they got out the Microsoft door.

All agree that failure is a part of innovation.

Kelly was actually thinking about buying one.

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference is coming up

Brian wonders if this means new phone tools.

Application Of The Week

Silverlight Pivot Viewer + Netflix and Azure

Guest Hosts

Brian Hendersonis a Silverlight Designer/Architect and INETA Community Champion. A few of the activities Brian can be found participating are flying (pilot), kayaking, hiking, or just taking video/photos.

Kelly White is an independent Silverlight Consultant. He previously lead the PDXUX.Net user group, and now runs the Portland Silverlight User Group with Erik Mork. Kelly has presented at user groups and code camps throughout the northwest on both Silverlight and WPF.

Music kindly provided by YACHT.