What’s new in Silverlight This Week in Silverlight

Recorded April 23, 2010


Public Service Announcements

Portland CodeCamp May 22.

Remix Atlanta May 8.

Karl Shifflet does WPF for LOB and Win7/.NET 4 training.  Also, keep an eye on his blog for upcoming info.


 WP7 Phones (or news??) coming in the next few weeks?

Does this interview indicate that phones are coming soon?

Erik and Brian are a little skeptical :(

More Silverlight Jobs?

In Portland (at least) more and more Silverlight jobs are cropping up.

Multitasking in WP7

There’s very limited multitasking support in WP7.  And perhaps no backgrounding for 3rd party apps.

Erik thinks that maybe there’s a cue to take from Apple’s new iPhone OS4 where there are “Completion Tasks” that are allowed to run for up to 10 minutes (as of beta 2…) in the background.

Justin Angel fooled us

He didn’t hack the Zune up to run WP7 :(


Application of the Week (2 this week)

Audio Orchard Music Mixing application.

Ebay Application. Out of the Browser Silverlight app that allows the listing of items.  Make sure to check out John Papa’s walkthrough.

Guest Hosts

Brian Hendersonis a Silverlight Designer/Architect and INETA Community Champion. A few of the activities Brian can be found participating are flying (pilot), kayaking, hiking, or just taking video/photos.

Kelly White is an independent Silverlight Consultant. He previously lead the PDXUX.Net user group, and now runs the Portland Silverlight User Group with Erik Mork. Kelly has presented at user groups and code camps throughout the northwest on both Silverlight and WPF.

Music kindly provided by YACHT.