What’s new in Silverlight This Week in Silverlight

Recorded April 1, 2010 

Shout Out to MVPs






iPad – list of HTML5 sites that will work on the iPad.  

Silverlight vs HTML5  

Erik wonders if the HTML5 spec really competes with Silverlight at all.  The types of problems we often solve in Silverlight (tracking of entities, etc.) aren’t even in the spec…

Brian wonders if the spec will be done in anything like the near future.  

Kelly wonders about the browser specific implementations of HTML5 and browser compatability.  

Justin Angel hacks up a ZuneHD to run WP7….
Windows Phone Marketplace
Kelly talks about the process of getting into the marketplace.   It looks like a much more straightforward process than other marketplaces.

Application of the Week 

FourSquare Everywhere 



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Guest Hosts


Brian Hendersonis a Silverlight Designer/Architect and INETA Community Champion. A few of the activities Brian can be found participating are flying (pilot), kayaking, hiking, or just taking video/photos.  


Kelly White is an independent Silverlight Consultant. He previously lead the PDXUX.Net user group, and now runs the Portland Silverlight User Group with Erik Mork. Kelly has presented at user groups and code camps throughout the northwest on both Silverlight and WPF.  

Music kindly provided by YACHT.