I’ve submitted a couple of sessions for Mix 2010.  They’re guaranteed to be weirder than the ordinary submissions ;)   If you want to see these talks happen, please vote at the mix site.  There are a lot of other good sessions as well.

The Neuroscience of Great Silverlight

This session meshes up Silverlight and neuroscience.  It’s all about how good applications require an understanding of psychology.

10 Things to Know About Prism

Interested in Prism?  This talk is all about how you can get started with Prism.  It summarizes the podcasts and screencasts I’ve done on Prism for Silverlight and gives an overview of how to get started with Prism.

Partnering Silverlight and Monotouch – Silverlight on the Iphone (kinda)

Ever want to write Silverlight on the iPhone?  This talk is about how to migrate your apps to the iPhone (hint: use MVVM).

The Number 1 Ux/Design Tool – The Trashcan

Why is Apple so amazing at design?  I think it’s because they know how to use the trashcan.  This session covers my thoughts on our mental hangups to writing great designs.

Resizing Silverlight Layouts

Silverlight is running on a lot of different platforms.  What are the secrets to making your application look nice everywhere?  This talk is all about those secrets.