Silverlight in the Future
Ian (author of a premier WPF book) joins us again to talk about, among other things, the future of Silverlight. He’s got some well reasoned and informed points. Here are some of the things we discuss in today’s show:

Silverlight video and 3D

– Silverlight doesn’t have some of the fancy graphical effects that are in WPF. Ian takes us on a tour of why this is.

XAML everywhere?

– XAML is appearing everywhere in the Microsoft world. Why? What’s great about it? And where are some of the unexpected places we might see it cropping up?

Silverlight’s Future

– Ian takes a look in his crystal ball and gives us a guess as to what the Silverlight situation will be a year from now. In the process, he points out a surprising problem with Silverlight. A “problem” that is also one of Silverlight’s greatest strengths.

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