New Show Format! 

This show we try a new format.  We’ll keep putting out shows in the old format as well, but this is a good chance to have a less formal discussion about Silverlight news and information.  The idea is to talk about the week’s Silverlight news with a couple of my favorite Silverlight folks:

Brian Henderson is a Silverlight Designer/Architect and INETA Community Champion.  A few of the activities Brian can be found participating are flying (pilot), kayaking, hiking, or just taking video/photos.

Kelly White is a Senior Software Engineer with He previously lead the PDXUX.Net user group, and now runs the Portland Silverlight User Group with Erik Mork. Kelly has presented at user groups and code camps throughout the northwest on both Silverlight and WPF.

What’s new in Silverlight This Week in Silverlight

Application of the Week

Silverlight 4 Facebook Application (Silverlight 4 Beta runtime required)


Silverlight Mobile tools coming in “the coming weeks” according to the Gu

Nokia support in the not-to-distant future according to the the Gu

Balmer is Keynoting next week in Barcelona and talking about Windows Mobile…. Big News Coming?

Zune Phone support indicated by stray .dlls?

Silverlight News

( For Silverlight News, I highly recommend the info from Silverlight Cream)

New Navigation Framework Stuff - Hacking at the Navigation Framework in Silverlight 4.  A great, simple article.

Silverlight TV#7 with Glenn Block and MEF - When to use MEF.  But is the answer clear?…

Glenn’s MSDN article on MEF

Tim’s Post on the Silverlight Media Framework – It’s not just for smooth streaming media :) The Silverlight Media Framework is on Codeplex.

Visual Studio 2010 RC doesn’t support Silverlight 4 Beta (watch out!).  See Brian’s LIDNUG info for why this is unlikely to last long.

 Parting Thought:  There’s now a Frogger clone, but where are the mind-blowing Silverlight games?  Is it mainly a financial issue?

In Portland on February 19th and interested in Silverlight?  Shawn Wildermuth is talking at the Portland Silverlight User Group.