What’s new in Silverlight This Week in Silverlight

Recorded April 9, 2010 




Apple prevents cross-compiling on App Store Apps

Are (admittedly vague) hopes for Silverlight on iPhone DEAD??? Apple’s new licensing for the iPhone Operating System section 3.31 for iPhone OS4.

Erik feels sick to his stomach.  Is Monotouch dead?  What about *all* of the developers who have already written applications on Unity/Monotouch and had them accepted in the App Store?

The Prohibition is at the language level.  (Objective C, C, C++, Javascript are allowed).  The crew wonders what it would take to compile Managed C++ in Monotouch…

 Kelly thinks there’s an opportuntity to learn Objective C.

Is this a way to avoid the “collapse to the bottom” in the App Store?

Blend 4. Is it going to be released with Visual Studio 2010 or not?

Kelly says that it would be weird if it doesn’t ship with Visual Studio.

Erik bemoans the crashiness of Blend 4 Beta.


Application of the Week 

Buhrle Collection




Guest Hosts


Brian Hendersonis a Silverlight Designer/Architect and INETA Community Champion. A few of the activities Brian can be found participating are flying (pilot), kayaking, hiking, or just taking video/photos. 


Kelly White is an independent Silverlight Consultant. He previously lead the PDXUX.Net user group, and now runs the Portland Silverlight User Group with Erik Mork. Kelly has presented at user groups and code camps throughout the northwest on both Silverlight and WPF. 

Music kindly provided by YACHT.