Silverlight 2 is released in Beta! You can now download Silverlight 2 and build applications. The world is a better place. And we’re here to tell you what’s been announced and how to get started on the newest and shiniest web applications.

Useful links for the show:
Mix 08 Links
All Mix 08 Sessions (videos and powerpoints) – (search for the session numbers below)
Mike Harsh and Joe Stegman overview of writing an application in Silverlight 2 – CT01 and CT02
Integrating Media in Silverlight Applications – BCT05
Creating Rich, Dynamic User Interfaces with Silverlight 2 Controls – T20
Lighting Up your AJAX Applications with Silverlight – T10
Encoding Video for Microsoft Silverlight – BCT07
Working with Data and Web Services in Microsoft Silverlight 2 – T13

Joe Stegman’s talk information –

Silverlight 2 Links
Silverlight site (Hands On Labs, How to get started, etc.) –
Great blog post with links to all kinds of Silverlight information –
Best of Silverlight sites/tutorials/info –
Great looking control skins –
Calling Javascript functions from Silverlight 2 (Tim Heuer’s blog) –
The Code Trip (programmers wandering around in a bus!!!) –
Silverlight control hierarchy –

How to use the File Open Dialog –
A physics engine in Silverlight 2 –