What’s an independent developer today supposed to do?  There are more app stores than you can shake a stick at, and on this show Erik and Kelly talk about how developers can pick a home.  Kelly defends Microsoft.  Erik doesn’t.

Stuff we talk about on the show:

  • Windows Phones haven’t sold very well.  Maybe 1.7 million have been sold.
  • Folks like John Gruber are saying that Windows Phones deserve to sell better.
  • Erik feels bad because he helped talk developers into being early on the Windows Phone platform.  Overwhelmingly they haven’t made real money (yet?..).
  • Android people aren’t surfing the web nearly as much as iOS people.  Kelly points out that this is because it counts tablets.  Erik points out that just because Apple is winning at tablets doesn’t mean you shouldn’t count it.
  • Will the Kindle Fire be a huge hit?
  • Why would you use a Windows 8 slate over an iPad?  Kelly says maybe if you use office.  Erik counters with a ridiculous scenario involving a 10 hour stay in a coffee shop. And hipsters.
  • Erik finds a ridiculous reason to send a text to Kelly using Siri.
  • Erik talks about how it feels wrong to not say “thanks” to Siri.
  • Erik talks about the new sponsors.
  • Talking about Windows Phone success stories, there is Elbert Perez.  800k downloads and 20+k USD over ~4 months  (from GameFest).
  • We haven’t heard of many (any?…) real Windows Phone success stories (think hundreds of thousands of dollars).
  • Kelly talks about his Windows Phone game.