In this show, we explore the Managed Extensibility Framework or MEF.  Our guide is none other than Glenn Block!  Today’s show isn’t specifically about Silverlight , but an upcoming show will cover the gory details about MEF in Silverlight.

In this show:

  • What Problem is MEF Solving?  It has to do with the “new” operator.  MEF is essentially an engine for creating instances (and providing those instances with any information they need).
  • There’s overlap with other technologies (think maybe Unity/Prism here), but it has a special focus: making applications extensible.
  • Would MEF ever fit in with a LOB Application?  Sure.  Think about extending your application with a custom rules engine.  Applications can be extended on a per-customer basis.
  • MEF has a hidden feature: It standardizes how we extend applications.  Imagine a future where we all extend our applications in the same way.
Glenn Block

Glenn Block


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Thanks to Jona from YACHT for his great music.