In The Silverlight Trenches

This show is all about Developer/Designer misconceptions.   There’s a marketing story (“Designers use Blend and Developers use Visual Studio”), but how does this work out in real life?  To find out, I interviewed Mike Wolf.  He explains how we’re making applications backwards.

Mike Wolf is the Principal Architect for WPF and Silverlight Practices at Cynergy.

mike wolf

Stuff Mike talks about:

  • The fundamentally different way that developers/designers think about applications.
  • The optimal physical proximity of developers/designers.
  • How application development is moving away from straight Engineering and more towards art.
  • The best designers need to know more than just how to make an amazing interface.  Mike explains what else they need to know.
  • How the Visual State Manager (VSM) has proved an unexpected help in designer/developer interactions.
  • How most of us are working on applications backwards. *- A little bit mind blowing.