In Silverlight, controls (checkboxes, buttons, and most everything else) have a complete separation between appearance and behavior. This allows developers and designers to strip out the visual elements of a control and completely replace them. Without affecting behavior! This show is dedicated to showing you how to completely re-skin controls.

Parts, States, Groups–

There’s a lot of terminology specific to skinning. We explain, in a simple way, what these words are and how they’re used.

Visual State Manager-

The Visual State Manager (VSM) is a critical part of the skinning process. It helps simplify skinning in a way that’s unexpected.


How controls change their appearance is critical. Should you customize how this is done?

Useful links for the show:
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Karen Corby 1of 4: Parts and States at a conceptual level –
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Karen Corby 3 of 4: Parts and States with custom controls and more sophisticated transitions –

Music for the show:
Lido In The Morning by General Fuzz from the album Messy’s Place
I Believe In You by YACHT from the album Instrumentals 2007
Sidetrack by Lisa DeBenedictis from the album Fruitless