Commanding allows us to have a very slim View and push our logic into a Presenter/ViewModel and make that logic more testable. Unfortunately, commanding is one of the things that wasn’t included out of the box with Silverlight 2. Instead, there has to be some infrastructure to support Commanding. Prism has that infrastructure. In this episode, we talk to the Patterns and Practices team members to find out their thinking on Commanding and Prism. This show was taped on location in Microsoft building 5 with Patterns & Practices team members Bob Brumfield and David Hill. Also joining us was Shawn Wildermuth.

We talk about:

  • What does Commanding give us?
  • How does Commanding and no-codebehind in MVC relate?
  • How Commanding offers a level of indirection and a richer abstraction than eventing.
  • Creating Commands.

    Hyper-video screencast site See out companion hyper-video on how to do Prism Commands. In addition, we have a previous hyper-video all about Silverlight Prism and how to create a new Prism project.


    Music kindly provided by YACHT

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