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A Podcast You Should Listen To


Jesse Liberty has a podcast!  If you care about programming Windows Phone 7, it’s the podcast for you.  It’s called Yet Another Podcast, and it looks like it’s going to be great.  From the Site:

I am pleased, excited and terrified to announce  that Yet Another Podcast will be launching on September  20, 2010.

This is not your momma’s podcast.

Here are my guiding principles:

  1. Do not waste the listener’s time
  2. This is not radio
  3. Discuss, don’t interview
  4. Focus, focus, focus

These half dozen principles lead to the following decisions (every one of which may change over time!)

  • Focus: Our central topic will be Windows Phone 7, with secondary topics including Silverlight, Programming and Best Practices
  • Not Radio: No intro, no outro, no bumbers, no announcer
  • Don’t Waste The Lister’s Time: The shows run as long as they take.  No fixed format.  Count on something between 20 and 40 minutes, except when they are longer or shorter.
  • Discuss:  Lots of guests, but no interviews, no canned questions, lots of real programmers discussing real issues
  • Don’t Waste The Listener’s time:  Useful information or shut up.

The show will be posted every other Wednesday starting on  September 22.

Contact Information

Show site:

Comment line:  1-347-YAP-CAST  (1-347-927-2278)

He’s even got a comment line which is just about the coolest thing ever :)  

I’ve been honored to be on his 2nd show.  We talk about Windows Phone 7, iOS and marketplaces.

Windows Phone 7 Comes to Portland

The release of Windows Phone 7 devices is  close.  Are you ready?  In Portland, we have a pair of events that are going to be great introductions to Windows Phone 7.  We will have actual devices at *both* events :)

Windows Phone 7 at Mobile PortlandSeptember 27, 2010

This is a great high level overview of Windows Phone 7 and what it means.  It’s suitable for anyone including managers and other non-coders as there’s been a promise made that there won’t be too much code ;)

Microsoft has a history of colossal successes and failures. As the Windows Phone 7 release approaches, it’s sure to be big (reports say the marketing alone will be a $400 million affair), but will it be a success? Early reviews are positive, but can a company miss the mobile boat by 3+ years and still make a competitive product?

Windows Phone 7 UnleashedSeptember 30, 2010 - SOLD OUT (if more seats somehow become available, I’ll try to update)

This is a combination hackathon/training.  It’s meant for people who code and want to get a jump start at development on the new platform.  It’s a BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) event.  Registrations are limited so make sure you get signed up soon.

Windows Phone 7 is about to be released! Come check out Windows Phone 7 Unleashed for everything you need to know to develop for WP7. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or you’re just starting with .NET development, there’s something in it for you.  The first half of this deep dive event is lecture and hands on lab. At the half point mark of the day, you’ll have a solid foundation for building WP7 applications.

Adam Kinney and Karl Shifflett talk about developer/designer workflow in Portland!

Adam Kinney and Karl Shifflett talk about developer/designer workflow in WPF and Silverlight at the Portland Silverlight User Group


8/10/2010 6:00pm


Intel Ronler Acres RA1 Auditorium

2501 NW 229th Avenue

Hillsboro, OR 97124

****This is not our normal location****

What we’re giving away:

cool stuff AND a copy of MSDN Ultimate worth approximately $200,000* AND some Website Spark subscriptions **

*- assumes you use the MSDN subscription to start your own company and write something awesome.

** – worth $100,000*


Building toolable Silverlight applications that enable the designer developer workflow

Warning: We won’t be 20 seconds into this session before mashing the gas pedal to the floor.  After looking at the XAML tools Blend & Cider, we’ll dive deep into toolable application design.  Toolable applications not only enhance the initial development experience but also provide benefits to long term application maintenance.  An additional benefit is the enabling of the designer developer workflow.  See the two roles played out in the presentation as they collaborate without clobbering each other.


Karl Shifflett is a Program Manager at Microsoft working on the WPF and Silverlight Designer since August of 2008. Before Microsoft, Karl was a software architect, former Microsoft MVP and Code Project MVP. He has been designing & developing business applications since 1989 and transitioned to .NET in March of 2003. In April of 2007 he joined the list of WPF fanatics & evangelists. He is a member of Team Mole that delivered the Mole Visualizer for Visual Studio to the world. He is the author of the very popular XAML Power Toys; loves WPF and Silverlight LOB and is developing a passion for Windows Phone 7 and ASP.NET MCV. You can read his blog at:

Adam Kinney is a creative developer with a strong focus on UI technologies including HTML, CSS, Canvas, Processing, Flash, WPF and Silverlight. He enjoys working in the space between design and development teams enabling the best results from both sides. Having spent the last five years as an Evangelist for Microsoft, Adam also enjoys sharing his knowledge and helping  others learn new UI technologies and tools. Recently leaving Microsoft, he is currently working on a variety of interesting projects and experiments with the crew at Pixel Lab and  posting tutorials on his personal site:


Vertigo – Vertigo is an award-winning design and development firm that uses the latest Microsoft technologies to redefine the user experience for the Web, mobile and multi-touch environments. Vertigo develops rich media solutions such as Silverlight Deep Zoom image galleries, HD on-demand and live-streaming videos and social media integration.

Webtrends – Webtrends helps you turn the data generated by your web site, blogs, online campaigns and enterprise systems into understanding of your customers and business opportunity.

Intel – They make cool stuff.

Silverlight for Beginners: Tomorrow at Webtrends in Portland

I’m giving a talk tomorrow!

What’s this Silverlight Stuff?

Are you interested in what Silverlight is and what it can do?  How does it compare to HTML 5?  These questions and more will be answered by Microsoft Silverlight MVP Erik Mork.  It’s going to be a fun night of info for Silverlight beginners.  Also not to be missed: a Silverlight Ninja will be designed before your eyes. 

WHERE: Webtrends (map)

(16th Floor)
851 SW 6th Ave.
Portland, OR 97204-1337

WHEN: Tuesday 06/08/2010
6:00 p.m. Pizza (by Vertigo)
6:30 p.m. Presentation
~9:00 p.m. Afterwards at TBD

Sponsors: While you are at it, consider visiting our Premium Sponsors that make these meetings possible:

Silverlight Consulting Life – MSDN Bytes Interview

I was interviewed by Tim Huckaby for the great MSDN Bytes Series.  It’s a super fun interview where he asks me what it’s like to be a Silverlight Trainer and Consultant.  Tim’s one of the best interviewers in the business, and his series is a pleasure to watch.

MSDN Bytes Interview With Erik Mork

After-Mix Silverlight and the Phone in the Pub

Interested in what happened at Mix?  Want to hear about the new phone?  This month, we held off the Portland Silverlight User Group meeting for the Mix conference and boy are we glad we did :) We’re going to have a low-key meeting in the new Lucky Lab and talk about the developments.  Do you write Silverlight or XNA?  If so, you just became a phone developer.  Join us to help figure out what that means.  People from Mix will be talking about what they learned and how the world has changed.

Tuesday March 23, 2010 6pm-8pm (tomorrow!)

New Lucky Lab in North Portland-*
1700 N Killingsworth St, Portland, OR
(*-The pub is so new that I have to use a link to the old restaurant that was there – Roux)
Location Sponsors:
Lucky Lab

Platinum Sponsors:

Equipment Sponsors:
Silverlight Tour

Sparkling Client in Minneapolis – Nerd Dinner

Erik is in Minneapolis teaching the Silverlight Tour class.  Interested in a Nerd Dinner tonight (Monday 3.1.2010)?  We’re meeting at  Schuller’s Tavern in Golden Valley at 6pm.

Nerd Dinner in Portland February 2010

There’s going to be a Nerd Dinner tonight  2/23 at 6pm. We’re going to meet in the food court at Pioneer Place Mall (bottom floor –

Who’s going to be there?

  • Erik Mork/Kelly White – Portland Silverlight User Group/Sparkling Client folks.
  • Jason Mauer – Newly independent developer.  Hopefully, he’ll bring his new “Troll Video” he plans to show at Ignite Portland.
  • Mithun Dhar – Microsoft Evangelist/Azure aficionado/good person to know
  • Lots of other good company

I’ve got to stop by the Genius Bar shortly before and get the lint cleaned out of my iPhone.

Shawn Wildermuth – Portland Silverlight User Group

Silverlight QA and Conversation with Shawn Wildermuth
Feb 19th at Webtrends 6pm – *This is a Friday (not our usual day)*
Do you have questions about Silverlight?  Shawn’s the person to ask.  He’s full of Silverlight knowledge, and he’s coming to Portland to have a conversation with us.  Shawn is extremely well known and respected in the Silverlight community, and it’s going to be a real treat to have him.  If you want to have a complex and nuanced discussion about Silverlight, join us for this meeting.
Shawn Wildermuth
Shawn Wildermuth is a Microsoft MVP (C#), member of the INETA Speaker’s Bureau and an author of six books on .NET. Shawn is involved with Microsoft as a Silverlight Insider, Data Insider and Connected Technology Advisors (WCF/Oslo/WF). He has been seen speaking at a variety of international conferences including SDC Netherlands, VSLive, WinDev and DevReach. Shawn has written dozens of articles for a variety of magazines and websites including MSDN, DevSource, InformIT, CoDe Magazine, ServerSide.NET and MSDN Online. He has over twenty years in software development regularly blogs about a range of topics including Silverlight, Oslo, Databases, XML and web services on his blog (
Warmup: Operating System in Your Browser Window
At the beginning of the meeting (6pm), Marc Schulper will show us how to write Silverlight applications for a web based operating system.
WHEN: Friday 02/19/2010 – *This is a Friday (not our usual day)*
6:00 p.m. Pizza (by Vertigo) 6:30 p.m. Presentation
~9:00 p.m. Afterwards at TBD
WHERE: Webtrends (map)
851 SW 6th Ave.
Portland, OR 97204-1337
Sponsors: While you are at it, consider visiting our Premium Sponsors that make these meetings possible:
* Vertigo –
* Webtrends –
Getting There:
Trimet. I recommend taking Trimet to this event. Check out the map to see the tons of Max/etc. stops nearby.,-95.677068&sspn=52.77044,117.949219&ie=UTF8&hq=webtrends&hnear=Portland,+OR&ll=45.518113,-122.678565&spn=0.00557,0.014398&z=17&iwloc=A
Parking. I recommend Smart Parks:,+Portland,+OR+97204-1307+(Webtrends+Inc)&geocode=CZtaax3F1n_AFfqMtgIdhxCw-CFZtU_2hrTHig&q=%22Smart+Park%22&f=l&dq=webtrends+loc:+portland&sll=45.518074,-122.679161&sspn=0.011831,0.006499&ie=UTF8&ll=45.519218,-122.67643&spn=0.022281,0.057592&z=15

Portland Silverlight User Group

The Portland Silverlight User Group is off to a great start!  It’s been an amazing group to be a part of, and for the first 2 meetings, we’ve had 70+ people.  This, perhaps, makes the Portland Silverlight User Group the largest Silverlight UG in the world :)   We’ve had rocking great speakers like Scott Stanfield and Mike Downey and stupendous sponsors amazing sponsors like Vertigo and Webtrends and FiServ.

Upcoming we have a hackathon in January and Shawn Wildermuth coming in February!

People are talking about how 2010 is going to be the year of Silverlight.  Come to one of our meetings, and you’ll find out what the fuss is about.


Scott Stanfield on the awesomeness of Silverlight

Silverlight User Group

Mike Downey on Flash and Silverlight

Portland Silverlight User Group Logo

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